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Corporate Art Co’s clients have one-of-a-kind needs. Some require art that tells a story. They need art that creates an experience designed to entertain patrons. Some companies want to convey their commitment to tradition and classical culture. Or perhaps to corral their existing collection, where is it? What’s it look like? What it should be insured for?

We Consult, Appraise and/or Procure Art For:

Businesses and Corporations From bank branches to corporate headquarters, doctors offices to hospitals, we offer art solutions that fulfill the needs of the space.

Historical Attractions Tourism is a large part of many cities’ economies. Visually appealing sculpture and outdoor installations bring a city’s traditions and culture vibrantly to life for visitors and the community.

Office Furniture Vendors: We extend your range of services by working with you and your clients to find just the right art to complete your office furniture installations.

Retirement Facilities: Quality, yet affordable art improves your tenants’ environment. We also provide open edition bronze sculptures to give your facility a high end look at a reasonable price.

Shopping malls: Sculpture, mobiles, and banners are optimal in an environment where most traditional wall space is utilized as store fronts. The result is festive and exciting, the successful merging of the modern marketplace with positive feelings.

Sports Complexes: Sculptures set the mood of action in hockey arenas, football stadiums, and more. The connection of modern athletics to the epic traditions of Greece and Rome are enduring and powerful.

Luxury Hotels: Carved screens, imported rugs, and one-of-a-kind paintings cast the spell of culture and adventure.

Public Works Projects: Public art gardens and commemorative sites are enhanced by sculpture, fountains, and durable art installations.

Zoos: The excitement and intrigue of exotic animals deepened with outstanding wildlife exhibits and artistic works.