Corporate Art Co has a vast network of local (no matter where you are), regional and national artists.


Our represented artists’ offerings include bronze and multi-media sculptures, paintings on paper and canvas, giclees and limited editions, photography, mixed media, glass, and ceramic accessories. All of our artists can be commissioned for site-specific work.


Trade Winds by Air Works Studios 2014

Corporate Art Co competed regionally and nationally for the opportunity to provide art and sculpture for this 630,000 square foot plus campus.

The ultimate branding integration challenge for this world wide online stock trading company, Trade Winds is based on the sailing ships of the east India Trading Company. Comprised of transparent and translucent “spice trade” colors it also contains translucent stock trading numbers.  When seen from the second floor “sweet spot” the company’s NASDAQ call letters can be spied as the 13 panels line up.

Sunrise Cascade, Rob Fisher Sculpture 2011

CAC worked with Rob Fisher Sculpture, LLC from Bellafonte, Pennsylvania to produce Pinnacle Bank’s Omaha “Sunrise Cascade” atrium installation in 2011. The lead sculptor Talley Fisher produces artworks in aluminum, stainless steel, light and color that honor her father Rob’s artistic legacy and are inspired by his design direction, aesthetic, and creative sensibility.

“Sunrise Cascade”, made from perforated aluminum and powder coated, consists of 15 separate pieces. It weighs about 150 pounds and is inspired by nature’s elements. Throughout Pinnacle’s headquarters on 180th and Dodge, art produced mostly by Nebraska artists can be found hanging in boardrooms, executive suites and public areas.


Lorenzo Ghiglieri Commission, 2001

In 2000- 2001, Holly Hackwith was contracted by Iowa Beef Processing’s (now Tysons Frozen Foods) to consult, conserve, and curate for their expansive art collection. One of the largest art collections in the Midwest, the company desired a new work that complimented their existing art. Corporate Art Co sought out internationally known artist and master of wildlife figures, Lorenzo E. Ghiglieri. The subject matter and life-like vitality of his work matched the client’s energy and corporate philosophy. The final installation of Ghiglieri’s work was quite involved. The artwork was too large to fit through the client’s doorways. So, at the artist’s studio the canvas was detached from the stretcher bars, carefully packaged with the frame, and shipped to the client.  Meanwhile, a huge temporary table over the client’s boardroom table was constructed for the art assembly. Once the art and frame arrived at the client’s premise, two artist’s assistants from Oregon re-stretched the oil painting, reassembled the frame, fit the art into the frame and hung it on special hangers designed to bear the heavy weight.

Strength of the Maker – Denny Haskew 2000

This sculpture epitomizes the focus of Iowa Beef Processing’s (now Tysons Frozen Foods)  350,000 square foot campus art collection.  Featuring many of the nations most prestigious painters and sculptors, the collection emphasizes the cowboy way of life and the Western heritage.


Jams Restaurant

Lori Krejci with Avant Architects contracted Corporate Art Co to realize her vision of “New York Sophisticate” for Jams Restraurant. Hackwith turned to Stuart Bohlim, a nationally known illustrator and painter capable of the scale and subject. A long bar mirror on the space’s opposite wall doubled the impact of this stunning piece. Jam’s mural has been Corporate Art Co’s trademark installation for many years. This mural represents a relationship to food and community that sustains us; the mural’s timelessness is recognized and appreciated by all generations.