The CAC Process

CAC solicits businesses that are moving, building new, or refreshing their art collections. This process can take months or years. Once we have set up an initial consultation with a prospect, CAC proposes a variety of artists, styles, and media. Once CAC and the new client have determined the project’s scope and budget, CAC selects art from our consigned inventory, sends out a request for proposals, or contacts artists directly for commissions.

Artist Representation

Our artists are true professionals: they excel in communication, maintain high artistic standards, timeliness, and are a pleasure to work with.

  • CAC offers a standard wholesale/retail split with artists, unless another agreement is reached in advance.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to uphold their advertised retail pricing in all situations. It is critical that retail prices are consistent at every gallery and website.
  • Once a representation agreement has been reached, it is the responsibility of the artist to keep contact information, pricing, and new work with titles, sizes, media, and availability current and on file at Corporate Art Co. We will contact artists every year or so for updates if there is a market for that particular work.


Submission Guidelines

Send submissions to

CAC welcomes submissions via internet or traditional post. Due to the high volume of work received, CAC cannot provide individualized critiques. Art submissions are reviewed quarterly, and we appreciate your patience as we give your portfolio the attention that it deserves.

When submitting works and information through the internet, email them as a Word document or PDF to
Please include the following with all submissions:

  • Contact information, a cover letter of introduction and artists statement
  • Artist resume including biography, education, awards, fellowships, teaching positions, collections, and group/solo exhibition history
  • List of galleries where your work is currently shown
  • No more than 10 images

Criteria for images:

  • Please include details of the images you have sent including the title, size, medium, and an indication of retail price
  • If emailing, please save images in jpeg format
  • Please submit recent artwork only.



What is corporate art?
While the term corporate art varies dependent upon the mission and type of company, it is typically art that is palatable and pleasing to a wide demographic. This demographic is constantly shifting, and companies often incorporate branding and marketing into their art choices.

Do you represent out-of- state artists?
We contact the best artists whose work fits the criteria for the project from all over the country.

What type of artists do you usually represent?
We are interested in representing established, reliable artists who produce art in consistent, recognizable styles, and sell at gallery price points.

How often might you be contacted for a commission or RFP?
We generally only contact artists when a client has already expressed interest in your work. However, we are in the process of growing our sales team, and look forward to creating more consistent and lucrative opportunities for our artists. Presently, our sales vary with the market and corporate artistic taste.

How does an artist figure standard pricing?
While there is no standard in the art world, many price their work by the square inch.

Example: the area of the photo print is 8*10 = 80 square inches
you sell 80 square inches for $40
one inch square = $40/80 = $0.50

Are samples or in stock pieces helpful?
We often sell the pieces that we present. People are inherently subject to instant gratification, and we are happy to oblige whenever possible.