Advice From An Art Dealer

Holly Hackwith has been surrounded by art for the last 28 years, and still gets really excited when she sees new, innovative art. She has lots of advice for artists looking to get their art noticed and purchased.


1. Perfect your craft. Technical fluency is as important as the message of the artwork. A solid command of the mediumĀ  communicates the message of the art much more effectively.

2. Keep learning and experimenting to keep your art fresh and interesting.

3. Build your resume by entering regional and national shows. Submit your work to galleries, dealers, and arts organizations. When someone expresses interest in your art, keep in touch with them.

4. Seek out other artists to develop an honest critique group.

5. Find a business mentor, and use available resources to market your work. If you aren’t a business person, explore options to have others market your work.

6. Use social media to keep in touch with your fans. Make sure people know what you’re doing.

There isn’t a magical formula to success, but talent, curiosity, and determination make a big difference.

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