Why Hire A Corporate Art Consultant?

You desire a customized, branding-integrated corporate art collocation that promotes your mission, vision and passion.

Asset protection: your existing art collection needs updating and/or current insurance value appraisals.

Accredited corporate art and personal property appraisals, collection and sculpture planning, consulting, and acquisitions, and corporate art asset management.

What can art do for your corporate environment?  What aspects of your mission need to be translated through your choices of style and artists? What are your goals for timing and budget?

We will determine the spaces where art will have the best impact. We’ll research ideas and align them with the optimal styles and artists to fit the plan. We’ll determine an estimate and timeline.

Our consultants will show you art options, placements, and budgets.  Now is the time to tweak, correct, and advise so we can clarify your vision. After your feedback, we’ll sit down for a final review. You select the art that best represents your corporation, message, and culture.

Procuring the posters, original art, and decor, we’ll get busy and ensure that we meet your expectations. We’ll arrange for delivery when it’s all ready. Our professional team of installers work quickly and efficiently to have all the art in place on schedule.